Hey there.. I have not written in a long time.
So here it is, happy reading.

1. If you’re happy and you know it, SMILE. This doesn’t require effort at all when you’re happy deep down, because happy people have a deep spiritual connection within them.
Once you know who you are and the Divinity within you.. You know, you are home. You do not need to be defined by the ways of the world.

2. Happy is acceptance.You will always be far from perfection. So why fuss trying? And, for who? Self acceptance. This is practiced daily. Like training a muscle. Happy people know this.

3. Happy is knowing gratitude. Focus on the present. What you already have. The rest? Just ask. Once. And it will be given unto you, when it’s right for you. In your own personal portion. CUSTOMIZED for you and you alone.

4. Happy people will not blame. When you are happy, kindness comes automatically. Happy people do not have the time nor energy to be easily insulted, they are quick to forgive and forget

5. Happy people are surrounded by abundance. Of everything good. And they know how to handle it.

6. Happy people do what they love and love what they do. And they know enough to balance. Love does not obsess turning a goal into an obsession.

7. Happy is a choice. And only happy people know this. If you don’t know it yet.. Chances are……. Let’s go back to no.1

This is not a preaching post. Just my normal #randomthoughtsinmyhead post. Mostly note to self, really.
When people don’t know what’s going on in your life, they speculate.
When they THINK they know, they fabricate.
When they do know, they just hate.

Let’s just choose to be happy no matter what. You can’t please everyone.
Choose to be kind today, because you chose to be happy.
Let’s all prepare to cross over to 2015, only by the grace of God.
Sat Nam.


Picture taken a few months back, initially for a #shirtlessSunday #yoga instagram post, that never got posted.



Turmeric Nutmeg Risotto

So.. Here’s the Risotto story! Hello again, by the way. Hope you’re in joy and wellness!

For those of you who know me, you might probably be asking why, lately, I am posting more of my cooked foods on my instagram account (@sophienavita) rather than my rawfood creations? As a rawfoodchef, why am i doing this? The answer in short: why not? ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€

The long answer is ( seriously, do you have time for this? Haha) : I am a person who just loves listening to her body. You know the term ” my gut tells me..” Yeahh.. I go by my gut.. I just feel I am preparing myself for something new in front ( perhaps a new business? Can’t quite explain it in words just yet, but I know it) aaaannnnddd I feel that as a mother of two little handsome ogres ( they are really that handsome, but with the appetite of ogres) I need to up my game in the cooking world to create more diversity in my plantbased menus. So right now, all my cooking, I’m doing guided by my school ROUXBE cooking school where I taking certification as a plantbased chef. Go look them up. They’re SOLID! And I love their structure. And I love Chef Chad Sarno. ( did i just say that out loud? Well.. He is a great plantbased chef! Go look him up too!๐Ÿ˜€)
So, why post Risotto? Because I did not give much thought to this dish at first. Why would I? It’s just rice . Rice is a very common staple in the Indonesian culture. Indonesians eat chicken over rice. Fish over rice. Stews over rice. We even eat… Rice OVER RICE ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€ It is THAT common! Why would I need to learn how to cook rice?
Alas, in every learning experience, i learned that to obtain the best results, one must drop all their self limitting beliefs, including my confidence that nobody can cook rice better than me ( being an Indonesian.. Hellooo??) and also I was consistantly challenged to expose my vegetables to heat (as a rawfood chef, THIS. IS. NOT. EASY)
So anyways.. Long story short, you will need:
– 1 cup Italian or Arborio rice
– 5 cups veggie stock (*)
– 1 cup diced carrots
– 1/2 cup peas
– 1/2 cup green beans ( i used red today)
– 1/2 cup red bell pepper
– 1 teaspoon grated tumeric
– 1 teaspoon coriander powder
– 1/2 teaspoon + a pinch nutmeg
powder ( or grated fresh nutmeg)
– pinch of clover powder or 3 whole cloves.
– 2 teaspoons paprika powder ( optional but definitely adds flavor)
– 1 teaspoon himalayan salt/ seasalt
– 1 teaspoon ground pepper
– 2 teaspoons minced garlic
– 1 tablespoon minced brown onion
– 1 bay leaf
– 2 kaffir lime leaves
And lotsa LOVE!

Like I always say, a good cook, gets his/ her mise en place ready!

Okay! Did you get your mise en place ready and in order? Let’s go then!

1. First, simmer the veggie stock and parcook the carrots, peas and green beans, taking turns to put them in the hot simmering pot for ONE minute them taking them out, and IMMEDIATELY put in an ice bath( a bowl filled with ice water or very cold water) this will stop the cooking process. Put aside. You might want to use a strainer for this so you don’t panic when you need to get your veggoes out.Look at the picture so you know what I mean.

The carrots are being parcooked in the simmering veggie stock with a strainer.

2. On low heat, add a bit of water ( or coconut oil if you like, around 1/2 tbspn) and put in the onions and stir. Sweat the onions with the garlic, turmeric, nutmeg, coriander, bay leaf and kaffir lime leaves . I already wrot about how to sweat vegetables, please look at my En Papillote de tofu champignon recipe.

3. Once sweating is done, add in 1/4 cup veggie stock and keep stirring, then put in rice and stir until all herbs and aromatics are even into the rice. When veggie stock has evaporated, pour in some more, per 1 cup,and stir until liquid evaporates again, add another cup veggie stock. At this step, you can crank up the heat a bit to medium, let it simmer, keep stirring. Add salt.

4. Test taste to see if the rice is done, it should taste just right. Not hardy and not mushy. This is why we cannot use our Indonesian rice, because it will turn into porridge. Whereas italian rice or arborio rice will still retain it’s rice shape. ( i bought mine at Ranch Supermarket. I bet they have some also at Kem chicks)

Rice should look like this.

5. Once rice is done, fold back in all your carrots, peas, green beans after straining them from the ice bath.
Add in ground pepper.Stir and mixTurn of heat. Only now you can cover the pot with a lid for 5 minutes only( remember, heat off) and them open and fluff rice with a big spoon.

6. Before serving, add in the diced red bell peppers for color;))

And tadaaaaa… Risotto!!


(*) note:
Veggie stock is easy to make. Just use your veggie scraps or maybe new ones if you like and throw them in 2 liters of water. Here are some ideas for veggies I put in my stock: 1 brown onion, 1 almost old yellow bell pepper, 1 small red pepper, 1 cup chopped spring onions( daun bawang), 3 carrots( chopped into big pieces). I had some fennel, so I put that in, it was so good! A friend’s farm harvested them locally and gave me some:) so happy!
You can also put celery, parsley, tomatoes, cilantro( daun ketumbar) etc.. Oh the options are endless.
Simmer these veggies for 2-3 hours on low heat, of course before that, bring to boil first then lower heat to simmer.
You can use stock straight away, or cool down and then put into ice cube molds, keep in freezer for 3months:))

Okay, that’s it from me. Do tag me on my instagram @sophienavita if you ever make this Risotto! And don’t forget to check out my youtube videos at http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=RHf4rwdtNWw
See you in my next post! Toodle looo! Buonaappetito!

En Papillote de tofu champignon (pepes jamur)๐Ÿ˜€


En papillote refers to cooking food wrapped in paper or foil( i think) through steaming method. In Indonesia, we have exactly that. It is called PEPES

Welcome back to my blog. My random blog. It can be anything from a #randomthingsinmyhead story to a recipe post like what I’m gonna do now!
Yes, i was trained as a rawfood vegan chef, but that doesn’t mean i can’t cook! Ha! Lately, I’m actually practicing my cooking skills again, to not get rusty. Yes, i do still eat rawfoods. Enough questions.. Let’s start!๐Ÿ˜€

So PEPES is basically something we cook in banana leaf, in a steamer. It varies from fish, chicken, lamb, even sweet rice flour cake, although the cakes, we don’t called pepes. They have their own respective names. And today, I am sharing with you my tofuShroom pepes. Yes, totally safe for all you GF and vegan fans in case you were about to pop the question! ๐Ÿ˜€
A good cook knows that preparation is KEY! So mise en place is a MUST.




So you can see this is my mise en place so you don’t create panic on the dancefloor..๐Ÿ˜€

You will need:
-2 cups mashed tofu(just mash with your hands)
-1,5 cups small diced mushrooms( i used shitake, you can use what you like)
-1/2 cup of chopped spring onions( daun bawang in Indonesian)
1/2 cup of chopped leek ( i used the indonesian “kucai”)
-1/2 cup thai basil or “kemangi”
-1/4 cup of chopped parsley and cilantro
-1/4 cup small diced tomatoes
-1/2 cup chopped red bell pepper
-2 tbsp chopped garlic
-2 tbsp ground black pepper
-1 tbsp paprika powder
-1 tbsp coriander powder
-1 tbsp grated fresh turmeric
-5 tbsp Tamari or you can use Braggs amino acid ( Tamari is just a GF and low sodium version of it– ini pengganti kecap asinku krn rendah sodium ya)
-Himalayan salt or sea salt to taste
1 tbspn virgin coconut oil
1/2 tbspn toasted sesame oil
1/4-1/2 cup water

First, let us sweat the garlic,mushrooms,leek,spring onions, tomatoes. Sweating is a method in cooking that helps you build your base flavour of the whole dish. How?

1.Pour the coconut oil into pan on low heat, put in garlic and just stir every now and then until they are softened.


After they are softened, add in 1/4 cup of water then put in the rest of the accompaniments i listed above to sweat. It will look something like this


Keep stiring in low heat. This is the base of our flavor so pay attention to it, because it will be the foundation of the whole Pepes. In chef lingo the fancy name for this is mirepoix … Ahh je parle francais! Hahaha!
Towards the end, when all ingredients are soft, I added in the tamari, groundpepper, paprika powder , coriander powder, and stirred for a bit, then i turned heat off, and poured it into my bowl of mashed tofu.

2. Stir the mirepoix well into the mashed tofu, adding the grated turmeric, and bell peppers, thai basil,parsley and cilantro and toasted sesame oil. Make sure it is evenly mixed and test taste. If it is not salty enough for you, here is where you add in a bit of salt.

While I was doing this, I remembered i had some bittergourd left and I absolutely love it. So I halved the tofu batch and made 1 batch with bittergourd and chopped chilli, 1 without for my kids. This is TOTALLY YOUR CHOICE


3. NOW, the fun part! Wrapping it.. After you have wiped clean( i washed mine .. Germ freak haha ๐Ÿ˜€) your banana leaves, cut them into rectangles around the size of 18x14cm or around 8×5 inches ( i hope i got my metrics right hahah..) OR you can just cut to what you need. It should be able to contain a 1/4 cup batch of tofushroom, so improvise ๐Ÿ˜‹๐Ÿ˜€ ( i’m such a newbie at this blog recipe writing thingy, sowwwyyy)

4. Double layer the banana leaf just in case it tears and put 1/4 cup tofushroom mix on it and now we wrap and secure with toothpicks! Like so:


At this point your mix will kinda look like a doggie bowl ๐Ÿ˜€๐Ÿ˜€,but worry not, it’s gonna be so delicious at the end, i promiseโœŒ๏ธ

DISCLAIMER: these are not my hands๐Ÿ˜€ .. Let me introduce you to this amazing calm woman who helps me around the house, she’s in her 50s and so pleasant. Even the way she ended up working with us, was beautiful. She just showed up at my door. I kid you NOT. Hahah. That’s another blogpost, i will tell you one day, but here she is, 1,5 yrs later, you can call her “bibik”…. Lovely woman. I love her.

5. While your are doing your wrapping, heat the water for steaming. When all is ready, place wraps in the steaming basket first, and then put the basket on top of the pot of boiling water, this is the safest way so you do not burn yourself from the steam coming from the pot below.

6. Steam around 15-20 minutes ( depends on the air flow space you have in you basket, do not over fill) . You know they are done when the banana leaves wilt a bit like this:


And now.. VOILA!


You can enjoy as is, or eat as a filling on a romaine leaf with some steamed carrots like i did! Or have some rice, like my family did.


Now, go make it, and tag me on my instagram @sophienavita !
Also.. If you haven’t seen it yet, here’s a link to my YOUTUBE http://m.youtube.com/watch?v=gJO1GR9qebA where i made a simple green pinacolada smoothie ! I know, it’s been a long time since i put in a new video, but it will come, i promise!
Bon Appetit and don’t forget to cook with love! Tag me! Bye for now!

Orthorexia… Apa sih orthorexia itu, kak?

Hello lovelies..
It’s that time again, where I feel the urge to write, and so I must write.

Today’s story is about how we as humans tend to always try to please others, EXCEPT ourselves.

We tend to bend over backwards just to make others accept us, like us, adore us, and when they don’t.. We end up frustrated, questioning our self value, not realizing in the first place, that what is making us feel unworthy, is our OWN thoughts, our own expectations, our own little movie we keep playing in our head.
Do you follow?

Today’s story is about how i am disappointed with a very bonafide magazine here in Indonesia, that turned an interview with me into a psychiatric point of view. Theirs!

It all started out with their reporter calling my manager to schedule an interview with me. These days, I don’t do a lot of interviews. After all my years as a public person ( i am a tv host, singer, actress turned health chef) I have learned that not all publicity is good. Especially those who send out reporters/ writers who do not really care what or who they are writing about. They just come unprepared, no research, nothing, and start firing away questions that are super boring and out of date. Don’t get me wrong, I have met dedicated writers/ reporters, but they are outnumbered by the the ignorant ones, so yeah, I selectively choose which media I talk to, to do us both a favor– to not waste each other’s time and energy. Fair enough, I think?

So after some resistance from me, because my schedule was pretty tight that day, I finally gave in, because this reporter was persistent.
We finally met, at my friend’s office, where I was having a meeting and managed to squeeze in time for her.

Interview went well. It was about my eating habits, and my health journey, bla bla bla.. She did surprise me with one question, though. She asked me if i have ever heard of the term orthorexia ? I said ” Yes, why?”
She answered casually ” Oh, we’re just writing a bit on that too in this article”

According to wikipedia:
Orthorexia Nervosapronunciation?] (also known as orthorexia) is a proposed eating disorder or mental disorder[1] characterized by an extreme or excessive preoccupation with avoiding foods perceived to be unhealthy.[2][3] The term orthorexia derives from the Greek ฮฟฯฮธฮฟ- (ortho, “right” or “correct”), and ฯŒฯฮตฮพฮนฯ‚ (orexis, “appetite”), literally meaning ‘correct appetite’, but in practice meaning ‘correct diet’. It was introduced in 1997 by Steven Bratman, M.D., to be used as a parallel with other eating disorders, such as anorexia nervosa. Orthorexia is not mentioned in the widely used DSM[a], but was coined by Bratman[4] who claims that in rare cases, this focus may turn into a fixation so extreme that it can lead to severe malnutrition or even death.[5] Even in less severe cases, the attempt to follow a diet that cannot provide adequate nourishment is said to lower self-esteem as the orthorexics blame themselves rather than their diets for their constant hunger and the resulting cravings for forbidden foods. [6]

Two weeks later, the magazine came out, and first of all, I was disappointed by a photograph of me from donkey’s ears ago! They did not even make an effort for a new photo of me! Gosh…

Second of all, the whole piece.
So initially the piece started out with the interview on me, and my journey, and personal thoughts, then just JUMPED on to the next paragraphs where it started to go deeper into orthorexia, the symptoms and causes and even fancy interviews with a doctor and psycologist. Of course i told them whole-heartedly about how I landed on a healthier diet. I always do things whole-heartedly. So back to the diet/ lifestyle, why I did it, when and why I decided to go to rawfood chef school in USA for deeper knowledge, how I kept learning even until today about health facts, myths and new ground breaking researches. Please note that although I am a certified rawfood vegan chef, I do not restrict my knowledge solely on rawfoods. I have taken health coach trainings online, I also believe in TCM( traditional chinese medicine), learning about ayurveda, and also it was through all my searching and ( too much) reading hahaha… I can say I found God.

Don’t be alarmed. I’m not going to go all preachy here. This is just a little a bit of my journey. Let’s just say, I’ve deepened my connection with the Divinity within me, eversince, while still learning everyday.

I guess this is just my path. Some people love cars, some, bags and shoes, some love guitar collecting, whereas me? I just love reading, learning, travelling and most of all I LOVE FOOD. And food has brought me a lot of joy, but also frustration and depression at the same time. How can that be? That will be another story, but it was the base of my (own)research. And I finally saw the importance of the Godly figure when looking at food. I finally understood what it was to listen to my body, because my body was actually a place where God resides through the soul i am. How prayer and meditation will keep that balance for me and only through this way, did I finally understand that overeating, no matter what your diet is, is just plain overeating from unattended emotional issues.

My journey took me to the road where I looked very deeply into each and every food I made, or was presented to me, wanting to know more about them. Were they organically grown? Were they locally sourced? Did they come from a processed facility where they were made ONE YEAR ago and only served to me NOW and considered safe because they were preserved with substances I could not even pronounce? Did they have colorinh on them? And if yes, from what? How were they cooked? Washed? Etc etc etc.. Yes, I was led through this path and I enjoyed EVERY single moment of learning about it, until I came to digest all these scientific knowledge with humility and wisdom only God can give me: you have control over NOTHING.

Long story short, I love the science part about everything in my food, but also kept in my head, my limitations as a simple human being, that in this life, I cannot control anything.
All i can do is, walk this path, and walk it with LOVE
If there is one thing i learned, i learned not to resist in life.Letting go, detach, has been my keyword this past one year, and I intend to keep on doing that.

INCLUDING, writing this post to finally detach from the results, whatever it may be, about my disappointment towards TEMPO magazine, especially edition #31 on a piece written about orthorexia.
This article included inserts on my health story. This article did NOT categorize me as someone with orthorexia, however, put me in the same article while only interviewing me about my thoughts and my personal stories about my daily food diet/lifestyle, and by doing so, this article can lead it’s readers to an irresponsible assumption that people who try to eat clean are mentally sick– in relation to my story.
If you feel you try to eat clean, i would like to hug you. It’s not an easy journey, especially here in Indonesia, land of the MSG. Just keep your balance, and be intuitive and concious, and loving, okay?

I do believe there are people with real issues, regarding this condition, orthorexia, and that doctors are probably trying to do their best to cure them, however inserting my story on my health journey, as if to say I am the accurate example of someone with orthorexia, is inappropriate.

I wrote this post, sincerely, to have my side of the story. This post is meant for people to understand what my side of the story is, as a person who did not know, the whole piece was on orthorexia. Had i known, i would have kindly refused the interview, as my only interest in health related interviews( as the reporter claimed it to be when she called my management) is to spread more word about #indonesiamakansayur a movement I founded almost 2 years ago now, about encouraging my fellow Indonesians to eat more plantbased wholefoods which are locally sourced as much as possible.

I detach myself from the results of that article, because I release what no longer serves me. I am enough. I do not need to always please other people:))

So okay.. Try to eat more plants( including fruits, nuts, seeds, etc) and stay away from too much packaged foods okay.. Yes, bread is packaged too haha.. Eat foods that are as CLOSE as possible to it’s natural form. Please follow @indonesia_makanasayur for more plantbased wholefoods info and where I hold my cooking classes!

Love you! Thanks for reading! You are enough for yourself, don’t go overboard to please other people. There are pictures below, by the way:)) after the indonesian version.

The Five Contemplations by Thich Nhat Hahn

1. This food is the gift of the whole universe: the earth, the sky, numerous living beings and much hard, loving work.
2. May we eat with mindfulness and gratitude so as to be worthy to receive it.
3. May we recognize and transform our unwholesome mental formations, especially our greed, and learn to eat with moderation.
4. May we keep our compassion alive by eating in such a way that we reduce the suffering of living beings, preserve our planet, and reverse the process of global warming.
5. We accept this food so that we may nurture our sisterhood and brotherhood, strengthen our community, and nourish our ideal of serving all living beings.

Jadi ini versi bahasa indonesianya ya, kali-kali lebih sreg.

Udah baca bagian atas kan?

Intinya sih tentang bagaimana dalam kehidupan sehari-hari, kita sering memaksakan diri untuk selalu bisa membuat orang menyukai kita dan menerima kita. Padahal sering kali bukan itu kasusnya.

Seringkali, sebenarnya adalah pikiran-pikiran yang berenang-renang dalam otak kita yang membuat kita berpikir, bahwa kita yang apa adanya, tidak cukup untuk orang lain. Lalu, kenapa harus untuk orang lain sih? Saya adalah cukup untuk saya. Katakan itu berulang-ulang ya. Buat saya sih membantu untuk hidup apa adanya, dan belajar tidak perlu validasi orang lain.

Nah itu pembukanya ya. Kisah sebenarnya adalah kekecewaan saya pada sebuah majalah yang sangaaaaaat saya hormati selama ini. Selama kuliah aja dulu, saya sering menabung khusus untuk membeli majalah ini, karena menurut saya tulisannya sangat bermutu. Eh kok sekarang jadi gini yah?

Akhir2 ini memang saya cukup sulit ditemui wartawan. Karena pengalaman hidup mengajarkan kepada saya bahwa ternyata tidak semua publisitas itu baik yah? Hehe..

Banyak sih, bertemu teman2 penulis/ reporter yang luar biasa research dan gaya penulisannya, namun sayangnya, jumlah penulis seperti itu, kalah banyak dengan yang acuh, yang kerap kali mendatangi saya dengan pertanyaan yang itu-itu lagi karena memang tidak mengerjakan pe-er aja sih. Boro-boro pe-er. Belajar mengenali narasumber pun tidak, padahal sekarang kan zaman internet ya.

Intinya TEMPO edisi #31 menulis artikel tentang orthorexia. Nih ya saya kutip alias copy paste haha..

Orthorexia nervosa atau orthorexia adalah istilah non-medis dikenalkan pertama kali oleh Steven Bratman untuk menandai orang yang mengembangkan obsesi dengan makanan menghindari dianggap tidak sehat . Orthorexia nervosa diyakini sebuah gangguan mental . Bratman mengklaim bahwa dalam kasus yang jarang, fokus ini dapat berubah menjadi sebuah fiksasi sangat ekstrim yang dapat menyebabkan berat kekurangan gizi bahkan kematian.Bahkan dalam kasus yang kurang parah, upaya untuk mengikuti diet yang tidak dapat menyediakan makanan yang cukup dikatakan untuk menurunkan harga diri sebagai orthorexics menyalahkan diri sendiri daripada diet mereka kelaparan konstan mereka dan ngidam yang dihasilkan untuk makanan terlarang. ( copas dari pickyeaterclinic [dot] com)

Nah pada saat wawancara dengan saya, saya tidak tahu kalau tema besarnya adalah Orthorexia. Yang saya tahu adalah, saya akan diwawancarai seputar gaya hidup saya yang ternyata menurut orang-orang, sehat ๐Ÿ˜€ asikkkkk..

Ya berceritalah saya, dari asal mulanya sampai ke bagaimana, hubungan saya dengan makanan, membawa saya lebih mengenal Tuhan.

Eh ini bukan khotbah. Tenang. Haha.
Saya hanya ingin berbagi bahwa tak satupun di dunia ini bisa kita kendalikan. Sehingga semua sains dan fakta juga riset yang saya baca tentang kesehatan dan pola makan sehat, semua berujung lagi pada keberserahan kita kepada sang Maha yang sebenarnya ada di dalam diri kita masing-masing. Bagi saya, mendengarkan tubuh anda, adalah sebenarnya mendengarkan apa yang sedang disampaikan oleh Penciptanya. Jika Tuhan ada di dalam diri anda, bukankah anda akan berusaha sebaik mungkin untuk memberikan yang terbaik untuk tubuh anda? Khususnya yang masuk lewat mulut, alias makanan yang saya bahas. Walaupun banyak hal lain yang bisa anda lakukan untuj tubuh anda, tempat bersemayamnya Tuhan ( yang saya percaya ya) .Untuk episode cerita yang ini, nanti ada postingan lain deh. Sekarang back to TEMPO lagi ya.

Intinya, artikel di edisi #31 itu dibuka dengan hasil wawancara dengan saya( yang pada saat itu hanya paham bahwa ini wawancara biasa seputar gaya hidup sehat saya) lalu dengan mudahnya di paragraf-paragraf berikutnya membahas tentang si Orthorexia ini.

Yang ingin saya sampaikan disini, hanyalah versi saya. Bahwasannya, jika dikemas dengan cara penulisan artikel di edisi #31 ini, membuat orang berasumsi bahwa saya salah satu contoh penderita orthorexia. Saya tidak sedang membuka debat disini, hanya saya kecewa karena cara penulisan seperti ini seakan-akan memberi label kepada saya dengan pilihan saya untuk selalu mencoba mendapatkan makanan terbaik baik tubuh saya, sesuatu yang akhir-akhir ini di instagram saya lihat ramai sebagai gaya hidup dengan tagar #cleaneating .
Dalam kamus saya sih, beda lagi ya.
Saya menganut #intuitiveeating dan #conciousliving sehingga apapun yang masuk ke dalam mulut saya, adalah sesuatu yang saya lakukan dengan sadar dan sebisa mungkin berdasarkan intuisi tubuh saya sendiri.

Kembali lagi, intinya, kita tidak bisa menyenangkan semua orang. Karena satu niatan baik untuk berbagi, dapat ditangkap sebagai suatu kelainan mental, seperti yang dibahas di artikel di TEMPO ini, jika dihubungkan dengan hasil wawancara dengan saya di awal artikel.

Saya menulis ini dengan segala ketulusan, agar yang membacanya dapat mencerna dengan baik maksudnya. Dan jika anda sekarang adalah seorang clean eater atau mungkin pelaku makan berkesadaran, saya ingin merangkul anda dan katakan, tidak ada yang salah dengan anda:)) setiap orang punya perjalanan hidup masing-masing.
Marilah kita berlatih sadar dan mendengarkan hati nurani dalam segala tindakan kita, apakah itu makan, minum, bekerja, menulis, berolahraga, menyetir, dst.
Niscaya ( edaaannnn … Gue bisa pake kata “niscaya” woohooo!! Hahaa) akan terasa lebih mudah menapaki hidup sambil bersyukur selalu.

Yuk ah, udahan ya. Sekian aja ceritanya. Sengaja saya tidak tulis langsung ke pihak majalah, karena saya sudah melepaskan diri dari reaksi kekecewaan saya di awal membaca tulisan ini. Saya sekarang lebih peduli tentang teman-teman lain yang membacanya dan sedikit bingung. Moga-moga sihhhhh nggak bingung lagi ya. Saya sih udah plong sekarang. Yeayyy!

Paling satu sih kalau boleh usul, mbok ya majalah tuh usaha kek, ya, naro foto saya yang bener yang up to date. Wong ngomongin kesehatan, kok fotonya stock lama zaman saya masih kurang tidur dan minum banyak gula dan soda tanpa berkesadaran.. Hahaha..

Yuk ah.. Mari kita lanjutkan hidup. Mari follow @indonesia_makansayur di instagram yuk.. Supaya lebih paham untuk makan lebih banyak lagi makanan berbasis tumbuhan (sayur, buah, biji-bijian, kecambah dst) yg sebisa mungkin lokal dan organik dehhhh. Karena organik berarti anda sudah ikut menyelamatkam bumi dari bahaya kimia yang meresap ke dalam tanah kita yang subur ini, dan lokal artinya gizi yang anda dapatkan dari makanan tersebut pun lebih kumplit plit plit ( karena nggak pake terbang asil dari negara jauh kaaan), juga hasil akhirnya, Indonesia bisa lebih maju dan makmur karena anda mendukung petani LOKAL! Ini negara agraris lohhhh… Ngapain sih ngimpor melulu?
Makan makanan yang sedekat mungkin dengan bentuk aslinya ya.. Iyaap.. Roti itu termasuk processed food.. Aslinya kan dari gandum! Hahah. Jarang-jarang aja makannya, dengarkan tubuh:))
Ini foto-foto yang berhasil saya kumpulkan ya. Dilihat yaaaaa.. Kalau mau baca, di-zoom. Tapi dicerna baik-baik, okeh?

Salam sayang selalu!!

NB: beras thailand banyak yang udah rekayasa genetika loh.. Hihi.. Beli yang organik lokal aja deh. Banyak kookkk…



This is the article with my out of date pic. Tsk!! Haha:))


Here’s a pic of just happy me! Haha!

A day in my Random World..

Finally got some time to blog again!
Hello there:)) how have you been since my last blog post?

So…. Out of the blue, i decided to just pack our stuff and leave for Bandung yesterday, for a quick getaway. Bandung is a fair 1 hour 45 minute drive from Choke-karta. My kids looked restless and suffocated, so i thought, hey, let’s just go to Bandung.

Bandung is in West Java. Beautiful city, really. Cool air and more greenery. Luckily it’s just on Jakarta’s doorstep. For those of you new to my blog, Chokekarta is my nickname for Jakarta. Capital city of Indonesia. Yes. Choke. Do some research if you’ve never been:D

Entering Bandung, I felt a sudden feeling of warmth and happiness. I used to live here in my Uni years. I am a law school graduate, and right now, happy to say, i am a non-practicing lawyer. Ha! Sounds silly and fun at the same time, doesn’t it?:))

I started looking at the blue skies, the big trees that i was looking at 22 years ago. The same roads but of course more traffic now. Everything felt nice. I was watching. Just watching. Each detail, every sign, I wanted Bandung to speak to me. So i listened. Have you ever felt that way about a city before? You just wanted to be still and let it tell you something? Well, if you have, you will understand. It’s one of the bestest feelings in the world. Besides eating dinner with Robert Downey Jr ( ha.. My lifelong dream)

It was an early night for us, after an intimate dinner with a very dear friend who i consider as my big brother, we returned to the hotel. The boys brushed their teeth, said goodnight and started falling asleep while i sat by our window sill and just opened the window to breathe in clear cool air and started to meditate. It was heavenly. Thank you Hotel Padma, i have always loved you. Serene and calm.

Woke up this morning as usual with my sons chirping in my ear, “Mama, i’m hungry, you need to feed us” haha.. Yes, this is everyday for me. They’re 11 and 7 and eat like little ogres. (YOU WILL NOT BELIEVE UNTIL YOU SEE)

Now here comes the part where you guys should start sitting down and reading slowly.

After brekkie, the boys wanted to go horsey riding, because they knew this hotel provided horse rides.

I have to be honest and say i do NOT agree with horsey rides like these. I feel sorry for the poor horse having to carry us humans all day while being fed junk. (My opinion does not apply to professional horse riding and stables. I do not understand that field, and i will not comment on things i do not comprehend.)

So.. Yes. These horseys are being fed junk. Seldom are they fed fresh grass, hay or the natural grains they are supposed to eat to keep them healthy and balanced. These horses are feed a lot of cassava ( an indonesian root vegetable) with energy drinks( yes, RED B*LL to be exact) in order to keep them going all day to work for their master. This breaks my heart. Too much starch can also create insulin resistance for horses, resulting in over energy and a little bit uncontrollable but feeling fatigue later for a long period.

Like this horse, Arjuna. Isn’t he handsome? Looks like a unicorn. I started holding him and talking to him and he kept showing signs of fatigue by being fidgety and had spasms in his feet and neck all the time.

This is a crucial moment for a hippie mommy like me. It was between the horse, and my boys who really wanted to interact with these animals. I took a deep breathe and said: “okay boys, 1 round only” and tried not to feel my heart break. I could only imagine how much pain and tension these horses were feeling.

So i trotted behind my boys who were on the horses galloping and smiling from ear to ear. My boys were happy and it made me feel happy, although I still could not help feeling for the horses. My mind was wandering trying to digest all these feelings when suddenly on my walk i saw an old man walking with a cane.
I stopped for a bit, to see if he needed help, but apparently he did not. I let my boys gallop off with the horse and i started to pay attention to the old man. He was wearing a batik shirt and his hands trembled as he fished into his pocket, to finally come up with a one thousand rupiah note ( which is around 10cents in USD and with this one thousand rupiah, one can get a simple cup of warm tea and fried banana fritter at a roadside foodstall we call “warung” in Indonesian) .He approached the foodstall and started calling out to the owner, and this was the dialogue in Sundanese ( a language spoken in the areas of West Java, Indonesia besides Bahasa Indonesia)
Old man: meserrrr! Meseeer! ( hello.. I want to buy something)

Shopkeeper: aya naon, ki ? ( what’s up grandpa)

OM: ieu rek mayar hutang kamari nu sarebu teiya ( i owed you Rp1000 and i want to pay you back)

He started to hand over the scrunchy Rp1000 note.

S: ahh si aki. Teu kunanaon atuh. Santai weh. Enjing weh deui. ( oh grandpa, it’s fine! Take your time. Pay tomorrow when you have it, really just relax)

OM: ah! Teu kenging kitulah. Bisi paeh! Geus.. Yeuh! ( no. That wouldn’t be right. I could die anytime, here, take it)

I kept watching until he finally made the shopkeeper take the money and then he walked away struggling with his walking cane.

I stood in silence.

Suddenly the quote “You can judge the morality of a nation by the way the society treats its animals” by Mahatma Gandhi made so much sense to me. In this case now also by the way our society treats it’s senior citizens. Here’s another quote for you ” “A society will be judged on the basis of how it treats its weakest members and among the most vulnerable are surely the unborn and the dying,”
~Pope John Paul II

Whoaaa… Let me add to that.. Besides the unborn, the dying, also it’s prisoners, it’s poor, it’s sickly. Also in Indonesia’s case, it’s nature, it’s forests, it’s air quality.

In an instant, I felt dizzy. As if the whole weight of this country was on my shoulders. I felt angry, sad, frustrated all in one go.

Even hours after this happened, as i am writing here, i am still calming myself down. So random but so intense.

I am not going to talk about deforestation in this post. We already know that by hard. We are a nation that burns down it’s natural forests for the interests of a group of rich people who need more money by selling palm oil. So they burn down forests to make palm oil plantations while at the same time polluting the air and creating havoc that we will have to pay for later in life, also killing animals especially almost extinct orang utans in the process. Use coconut oil when cooking. Do not support palm oil. It’s healthy and doesn’t kill animals and forests. Here’s a link you should look at by the way watch the bonus footage The end of harrison ford, as he visits the forests of indonesia. http://www.sho.com/sho/years-of-living-dangerously/cast/20853/harrison-ford

The way our society today treats our elders, sickly, poor, is just beyond me.

Today’s blog post is a typical random day in my life, and it does happen quite a lot.

It is in these little snippets of my life, i try to find simple wisdom as i go.

I chose to let my sons go on the horse although my heart ached by the way the horses were treated. We took a long walk after that and I slowly explained to them why, one day I hope, they can finally grow out of wanting to go on local horse rides, because of how horses we treated here. But then also realized that these men that owned horses would probably end up being a society problem if they were not getting money through their horse business, the number of jobless people in Indonesia is just too much and they hang around all day loitering on the streets causing trouble, we call this activity “nangkring” , literally just squatting around doing nothing.

The story of the old man paying his debt, made me see how bad we were treating our elders, that he had to wait another day to pay a small sum of Rp1000 which is again, just 10cents in USD or even less. But at the same time taught me that this old man was a man of integrity. He held his principles up high. He did not want to die leaving a debt, no matter how small this debt is.

And now, as i end this story of a random day, my eyes are getting sleepy. i ate some local Bandung food, which is LOTEK. A salad of cooked long beans, mung bean sprouts, and “lontong” ( rice cake) with a peanut gravy which was totally delish but I’m sure they sneaked sugar in it because I am having a sugar crash ๐Ÿ˜ฆ seriously sudden low energy after a happy high.

I have no solution right now to share with you. Nor am i complaining.

This is just a random story one day in my life.

The way of the world. Nothing is so bad that you should be anti toward it, and nothing is too good, that you must have too much of it. I guess.

See you in the next post. Hope we can learn to be more aware each day of the decisions we make and how it can affect the society positively. We did not inherit this land from our ancestors, we are borrowing it from our children.

ARJUNA the horse

Saw some jackfruit trees on our walk! โค๏ธ eepppppp!! Excited!

My youngest got a bit exhausted on our walk.

INDONESIAN version ( i’m trying. I hope my indonesian makes sense, i’d rather speak Sunda haha)
Halo semua, apa kabar?
Akhirnya ada waktu untuk update blog lagi

Jadi akhir pekan kemarin, tiba โ€“ tiba saja saya memutuskan untuk libur sejenak ke Bandung. Mengingat jarak tempuh ke Bandung hanya memakan waktu sekitar 1 jam 45 menit saja, demi anak โ€“ anak yang sudah kelihatan butuh liburan saya piker ayo deh, pergi yuk!
Kota Bandung terletak di Provinsi Jawa Barat. Sungguh kota yang indah dengan udara sejuk dan ruang hijaunya. Untuk jaraknya juga dekat dengan Chokekarta. Untuk Anda yang baru membaca blog saya, Chokekarta adalah nama panggilan saya untuk Jakarta, Ibukota Indonesia. Yes, Choke. Research deh kalau belum pernah ke sini ๐Ÿ˜€
Bukan ngatain kotanya lho.. Tetapi perasaan “choking” saya rasakan sangat disini. Mau pindah kok, lagi menunggu saat saja.
Memasuki Bandung, ada rasa hangat dan bahagia yang langsung menyelimuti. Kota ini adalah rumah saya semasa kuliah. Saya lulus sebagai sarjana hukum dan dengan senang hati saya menyatakan bahwa saya adalah seorang praktisi hukum non-aktif. Kedengaran konyol sekaligus lucu ya?
Saya mulai memandangi langit biru dan pohon โ€“ pohon besar yang sama seperti 22 tahun yang lalu. Juga jalanan yang sama hanya saja dengan tingkat kemacetan yang berbeda. Semua terasa menyenangkan. Saya hanya mengamati, tiap detail dan tiap pertanda; Saya ingin Bandung mengatakan sesuatu dan saya mencoba mendengarkan. Pernahkah anda merasakan hal yang sama terhadap suatu kota? Anda hanya ingin diam dan membiarkannya mengatakan sesuatu. Jika pernah, Anda pasti mengerti. Itu adalah salah satu perasaan terbaik di dunia selain makan dengan Robert Downey Jr (Haโ€ฆ Khayalan saya banget!)
Malam masih panjang saat kami selesai makan malam bersama seorang sahabat yang sudah saya anggap seperti kakak sendiri dan akhirnya kami kembali ke hotel. Anak โ€“ anak menyikat gigi, mengucapkan selamat malam dan mulai tertidur sementara saya duduk di dekat jendela yang terbuka untuk menghirup udara segar sambil mulai bermeditasi. Aaahโ€ฆindah sekali. Terima kasih Hotel Padma. Saya selalu mencintaimu. Tentram dan tenang.
Saat bangun di pagi harinya, seperti biasa anak โ€“ anak berbisik di telinga dan berkata, โ€œMama, lapar. Beri kami makanโ€. Hahaโ€ฆ Ya, ini adalah sarapan setiap pagi bagi saya. Mereka berusia 11 dan 7 tahun dan mereka makan seperti Ogre ( itu lho, tokoh Shrek tau kan? Nah itu bangsa Ogre) cilik. ANDA TIDAK AKAN PERCAYA SAMPAI ANDA LIHAT SENDIRI.
Nah, sekarang saatnya Anda mulai duduk dan baca secara perlahan.

Setelah sarapan, anak โ€“ anak ingin naik kuda karena mereka tau hotel ini menyediakan fasilitas tersebut. Saya harus jujur bahwa saya tidak pernah setuju dengan bentuk tunggangan kuda seperti ini. Saya merasa kasihan dengan para kuda malang yang harus membawa manusia seharian kemudian mereka diberikan makanan yang tidak layak (pendapat saya tidak berlaku bagi penunggang kuda professional. Saya tidak mengerti area tersebut dan saya tidak akan berkomentar tenang hal yang tidak saya pahami).

Ya, kuda โ€“ kuda tersebut diberi makanan sampah. Jarang sekali mereka diberikan rumput segar, jerami atau biji โ€“ bijian alami yang harusnya mereka makan supaya tetap sehat dan seimbang. Kuda โ€“ kuda ini diberi makan singkong dengan minuman penambah energy (ya, RED B*LL lebih tepatnya) supaya mereka tetap kuat bekerja seharian untuk tuannya. Hal ini sangat menghacurkan hati saya. Terlalu banyak teung โ€“ tepungan juga dapat mengakibatkan kenaikan kadar insulin yang bisa menyebabkan kelebihan energi pada kuda, tidak bisa dikontrol dan juga kelelahan untuk jangka waktu lama.
Seperti kuda ini, Arjuna. Cakep ya? Terlihat seperti Unicorn. Saya mulai menyentuhnya dan berbicara dengannya. Ia menunjukan tanda kelelahan seperti gelisah dan kejang terus – menerus di seluruh kaki dan juga lehernya.
Saat itu merupakan keadaan yang krusial bagi seorang ibu hippie seperti saya. Itu adalah antara kuda dan anak – anak yang ingin berinteraksi dengan binatang tersebut. Setelah mengambil nafas panjang kemudian saya berkata, โ€œOkay boys, 1 putaran saja yaโ€ dan berusaha tidak merasakan hati saya yang hancur. Saya hanya bisa membayangkan sakit dan beban yang kuda โ€“ kuda itu rasakan.
Saya berlari kecil di belakang anak โ€“ anak yang sedang menunggangi kuda yang berderap. Mereka terseyum lebar sekali. Anak โ€“ anak saya bahagia dan hal itu membuat saya ikut bahagia. Seketika pikiran saya mengembara mencoba untuk mencerna semua perasaan ini ketika tiba-tiba di jalan saya melihat seorang lelaki tua berjalan dengan tongkat.
Saya berhenti sebentar untuk melihat apakah ia membutuhkan bantuan, tapi tampaknya tidak. Saya membiarkan anak-anak saya berpacu dengan kuda dan saya mulai memperhatikan orang tua itu. Dia mengenakan kemeja batik dan tangannya gemetar saat ia merogoh sakunya, akhirnya mendapatkan uang seribu rupiah. Dia mendekati warung dan mulai memanggil-manggil pemiliknya, dan ini adalah dialog dalam bahasa Sunda (bahasa lisan di daerah Jawa Barat, Indonesia selain bahasa Indonesia).
Bapak Tua: meserrrr! Meseeer! ( Halooโ€ฆ Saya mau beli sesuatu)

Penjaga Toko: aya naon, ki ? ( Ada apa pak?)

Bapak Tua: ieu rek mayar hutang kamari nu sarebu teiya ( Saya hutang ke kamu Rp. 1000 dan saya mau mengembalikannya)

*dan dia memberikan selembar uang Rp. 1000 yang sudah lusuh*

S: ahh si aki. Teu kunanaon atuh. Santai weh. Enjing weh deui. ( Ah kakek, nggak apa lah. Santai. Bayarnya nanti aja deh.)

OM: ah! Teu kenging kitulah. Bisi paeh! Geus.. Yeuh! ( Nggak deh, janganโ€ฆ Saya bisa mati kapan saya. Nih, ambil ya.)
Saya tetap memperhatikan sampai akhirnya si penjaga toko mau menerima uang tersebut dan bapak tua meninggalkan tempat itu berjalan tertatih dengan tongkatnya.
Saya berdiri dalam diam.
Seketika kutipan “Anda bisa menilai moralitas suatu bangsa dengan cara melihat masyarakatnya memperlakukan hewannya” oleh Mahatma Gandhi menjadi begitu masuk akal bagi saya. Dalam hal ini juga melalui masyarakat kita memperlakukan warga seniornya. Berikut kutipan lain untuk Anda, ” Sebuah masyarakat akan dinilai berdasarkan bagaimana memperlakukan anggotanya yang lemah dan di antara yang paling rentan pasti adalah yang belum lahir dan sekarat, ” Paus Yohanes Paulus II.
Whoaaโ€ฆ biar saya tambahkan, disamping yang belum lahir dan yang sekarat, juga termasuk para tahanan, kaum miskin dan para penderita penyakit. Dan untuk kasus Negara kita ini, termasuk alamnya. Hutan dan kualitas udaranya.
Dan secepat itu saya langsung sakit kepala. Seolah โ€“ olah masalah Negara ini dibebankan kepada saya. Perasaan marah, sedih dan frustasi semua bercampur menjadi satu.
Bahkan beberapa jam setelah kejadian ini berlangsung, saat saya mengetik post ini, saya masih berusaha menenangkan diri. Tidak jelas, tapi rasanya juga sangat kuat.
Saya tidak akan membicarakan soal deforestasi dalam post ini. Kita sudah sangat paham. Kita adalah bangsa yang menghabisi hutannya demi kepentingan beberapa kelompok orang โ€“ orang kaya yang butuh lebih banyak uang dengan menjual kertas dan minyak sawit. Kemudian mereka membakar hutan untuk mendirikan kebun sawit beserta pabriknya sekaligus mencemarkan udara, menciptakan malapetaka yang akan kita rasakan akibatnya cepat atau lambat. Dan jangan lupa tentunya dengan isu pembantaian orangutan yang sudah termasuk hewan langka dan hampir punah. Jangan dukung industry sawit. Masaklah menggunakan minyak kelapa. Minyak kelapa lebih hemat dan ramah lingkungan. Berikut ini video yang bisa Anda lihat mengenai kunjungan Harrison Ford ke hutan โ€“ hutan di Indonesia. http://www.sho.com/sho/years-of-living-dangerously/cast/20853/harrison-ford.
Cara masyarakat kita memperlakukan orangtua, yang sakit โ€“ sakitan dan orang miskin benar โ€“ benar diluar perkiraan saya. Cerita dalam post kali ini adalah hal acak yang biasa terjadi dan saya alami cukup sering. Dalam potongan kecil di kehidupan inilah, saya mencoba mendapatkan kebijaksanaan setiap harinya.
Saya memilih untuk membiarkan anak โ€“ anak saya tetap menaiki kuda tersebut walaupun sebenarnya hati saya sakit mengetahui bagaimana mereka diperlakukan. Setelah itu kami berjalan dan saya menjelaskan perlahan kepada anak โ€“ anak tentang pentingnya mereka melepaskan keinginan untuk menunggangi kuda disebabkan oleh perlakuan yang didapatkan oleh kuda โ€“ kuda itu. Tapi kemudian saya juga menyadari bahwa para pemilik kuda ini akan berakhir menjadi masalah jika mereka tidak mendapatkan uang dari bisinis kuda ini. Jumlah pengangguran di Indonesia sudah banyak dan mereka berkeliaran di jalan tanpa tujuan yang pasti atau dengan kata lain hanya โ€œnangkringโ€ dan tidak melakukan apa โ€“ apa.
Cerita mengenai bapak tua yang membayar hutangnya membuat saya menyadari bagaimana buruknya kita memperlakukan para senior. Dia harus menunggu keesokan harinya untuk membayar hutang yang hanya sebesar Rp. 1.000. Tapi pada saat yang bersamaan saya diperlihatkan bahwa ada seseorang yang memegang integritasnya. Dia menjunjung tinggi prisipnya dengan tidak mau meninggalkan hutang seberapapun nilainya.
Saya belum punya solusi yang bisa saya bagikan kepada Anda, saya juga tidak sedang protes.
Ini hanya sebuah cerita random yang terjadi pada suatu hari dalam kehidupan saya.
Inilah dunia. Tidak ada yang begitu buruk sehingga Anda harus anti terhadap itu, dan tidak ada yang terlalu baik, sehingga Anda harus memiliki terlalu banyak. Saya rasa begitu.
Sekarang saya harus mengakhiri cerita ini. Mata saya mulai berat. Setelah tadi makan LOTEK (salad kacang panjang rebus, tauge dan lontong dengan saus kacang) yang enak sekali tapi saya yakin pasti ada gula di dalam sausnya karena sekarang saya mengalami sugar crash. Mendadak energi melemah setelah tadi begitu bersemangat sekali.
Sampai jumpa di post berikutnya. Dengan cerita-cerita ajaib saya yang lain.
Semoga kita bisa belajar untuk lebih sadar setiap harinya dalam mebuat keputusan, bagaimana pengaruhnya terhadap Negara ini. Kita tidak mewarisi tanah ini dari nenek moyang kita, tetapi kita meminjamnya dari anak โ€“ anak kita.



Hi ..my name is Sophie Navita. You can call me Beautiful. Ha! I gotcha there, didn’t i?

I’m serious.. I love myself, my life and i think it’s beautiful. I hope you can see it too and if you think i’m beautiful, why thank you. You should think that you are beautiful too. Because i certainly think you are.

I love myself with all my mummy tummy fat, big thighs not model-like, although sometimes i wish i had bigger eyes ( i mean, they could be a bit bigger, but hey?)

So who am i?

Okay.. In human terms.. I am a mother of two, living between Jakarta ( i always call Choke-karta– visit here and you will know why) and Ubud, Bali. I am that girl who used to be famous on TV. The TV host, singer, actress, on magazines, tabloids constantly.

“Used to” ?

Yes.. This was all before I decided to retreat slowly from Indonesian local TV and entertainment. Yes.. Slowly. I am still around, but not so much and this is my choice:) call it… Retiring gracefully early. Yes.. Early. I will be 40 next year and I love just being this way. Social NOTworking ha!

Well of course i am still working, but in a different sense and tempo now. Let me tell you my story. Sit with me for a while.

For all of my life, I have always been an entertainer. I hosted a kids’ talkshow in Singapore, where I was born, at the age of 9. Yep… Weird little talented kid, i was:))

Eversince, all i could remember was always being in front of the camera. I could talk my way through almost everything. I was and still am a public speaker. I looorveee to entertain. So.. What happened?

One day, i came home from work, exhausted, and thoughts started rushing through my mind. I was always tired, but always denying it and only on that day, I found out why.

I came to a situation where I could not see eye to eye anymore with the way our local TVs rolled.

Everytime I had to shoot a production, suddenly all crew would turn into slow motion mode DO NOT ASK ME WHY

I could not take anymore of the tardiness, the delay, the excuses people made about showing up on location 2-3 hours late. It got me frustrated and it was a TOTAL waste of my time.

To make it merrier, smoke was also another factor. In most of our local shooting locations, it was “normal” to be smoking like there is no tomorrow. The make up room would have a stench of stale smoke. Heck, i even experienced this one time where the camera man was enjoying his huff and puff while filming me. How’s that for celebrity life? Haha..

Then.. There was one god everybody in the TV industry worshipped. We call him the RATING god. Yep.. Everything, minute per minute, was always rating based. So forget quality. You could air nonsense, but as long as each minute was sky high in rating, you are considered succesful. This, then posed as a threat for TV hosts because producers would just sack you from a TV program eventhough your contract hasn’t ended yet legally. And that happened to me once too many times. I felt rejected and tired.

So i braved myself to say: ENOUGH!

And that was when HELL RAN OVER

*insert sinister laugh here: mwahahahha!*

The reason I was always so tired and frustrated, i figured was because it was just draining too much energy from me. Don’t get me wrong. I love my friends working on TV and i respect all my friends who can still work in this condition. But I am me, and i had to be honest: I CAN’T.

Don’t let me even start with the way our TV industry paid us here. Always in post-dated paychecks, like super post dated, and there have been too many occassions where sometimes their finance dept pretended to forget to pay me. Oh yes.. I remember each and everyone of you who did that to me and I FORGIVE YOU :)) take it. You probably needed it at that time. Don’t forget to help others in need though, ya?
I always felt tired, stressed, drained and lost. I didn’t know who i was anymore.

Why are we so lost and disconnected? Have you ever stopped to think why? We lost all contact with our body’s innate intelligence to guide us in life. We even hold our pee, just because! Gosh! To know what choices to make, at which right moment, we’d rather pay a person we call an “expert” to tell us what to do. Why? Because i think we are so lost in the labels we create for ourselves.

PAUSE for wisdom effect .. Ha! ( i know, i’m funny)

What labels, Soph?

Oh you know, for example, Sophie Navita’s labels would be: mother, wife, Famous TV host, singer, actress, firstborn, rawfoodchef, etc.

You could be uummm…. Teacher, professor, secretary, entrepreneur, business owner, CEO, manager, director, musician, writer, traveller, blogger, priest, online business owner ( jualan kakaknyaaaaa??) <– sorry, this is a local joke only Indonesians will understand. You could be vegan, yogi, body builder, gym rat, runner, editor and so many other labels we have in this world. But WHO ARE YOU, REALLY?

2nd PAUSE for another wisdom effect

So, let’s say we take all these labels away, strip them off.. And we are left with just ourself. Just you. No name card, no rank, no position. Just you. Do you like what you see? Deep.. Huh?

Are you effortlessly happy right now? Or do you always need something to make you happy. An addiction. Could be anything. From parties, to over working to food. Anything, really. And say you are now in your worst moments in life, can you still look inside of you and still accept and love yourself? Or are you letting the world around you judge you, and to make it even worse, you are also judging and punishing yourself? Are you enough?
Do you need a fancy job to validate that?

Back in the day, I would walk in public, and people would want my picture and autograph. These days? If 1 out of 10 people I meet even realize who I was, I consider it a blessing.

Was it hard? This is like questioning ” is the pope Catholic?”

Of course it was. Still is. It hit my ego smack in the face! E-G-O that 3 letter word that is strong enough to kill you, if you let it. At that point in my life, i kept thinking, who am I really, without all those labels and identities? Can I still love myself, accept myself, forgive myself as just an ordinary Sophie Navita?

I went through a long process of denial and resistance of course, like anyone else would. So tired of how my work was treating me, but too afraid to let go because i might lose identity and don’t even get me started on money! Jobs became scarce because I startes to really select only jobs that made me happy and did not drain me dry. And of course, money became… whaaatttt?!! I don’t have that much money anymore?? Arrghhhh!!

I took vocal lessons, because i felt i needed to prove to the world that I was a musician NOT because of a talented musician husband who is also a famous songwriter. Also to prove that I can sing fine, eventhough never as good as my talented younger sister, this beautiful woman with such a voice that shakes your insides when she hums. I felt i needed to prove that i could write songs . Label: songwriter.

I took pilates to always keep lean because i would suffer to always fit into a designer’s dress i wore on stage, because i thought people had nothing better to do, but judge me for that ounce of fat on my belly.

I took yoga because i thought it would help me breathe. Turned out.. I couldn’t even sit still in an asana ( pose)

I would bend over backwards to make people love me and accept me. To make my producers on TV happy i would try so hard, just to not lose a job. But the harder i tried, i kept losing them anyway. My heart would always disagree with some procedures they saw needed to be done for ratings and when I couldn’t perform, i lost it. For example, I could never do nonsense slapsticks which apparently got attention but made me feel guilty because I was afraid some underaged child watching at home would be just copying what I do and that it could hurt him/ her in the process.

I searched high and low except within myself. I completely forgot that I was a godly creature, created in beauty and perfection in the eye’s of my Maker and that just I myself is ENOUGH.


I started the game of blaming.
I blamed the local TV industry for not being supportive of my needs.
I blamed my parents for not being there with me emotionally in my growing years.
I blamed Choke-karta’s madness and endless traffic.
I blamed the hot blazing Chokekartaj sun with all it’s pollution.
I blamed my neighbor who just began building a 2 storey room and was ( still is) obstructing the view from my balcony.
I blamed slow ( in the head) people around me who were testing my patience constantly
I blamed the corruption in this country left unattended.
I blamed my weak digestive system.
I blamed a passing cockroach.
I blamed almost anything I could get my thoughts on, except myself. Why? Because i was the VICTIM of all this unfairness in life! Why should I take responsibility? It was easier to blame! And if i finally did blame myself? It was to play VICTIM and feel sorry for myself. It was a vicious cycle i played and there never was a solution.

Long story short, i went through a lot of tears, sweat and madness to get where I am today. I am not as lost as before, I am starting to see a bit clearer now. But i am still working on myself.

No wonder they say depression is not a joke. Stress is not a game you want to play.

I am blessed for all my good friends who stood by me. Not many. But they were there. Apparently when you stop being that famous, the invitations to cool events stop coming. Ha!:) i am blessed for my family. For my small army of naturopaths, homeopaths, colonic therapists, accupuncturists and massage therapists who were my ROCK. But most of all, I am thankful for me. The me that was born into this world naked and alone, and will die alone. The me that has always been there through thick and thin surviving my ego, and still serving me well. The me in this one and only body God gave me that I have learnt to take more care of. The me that honors the Creator within me, that puts love and forgiveness in my heart.

I am a working progress. I am still healing. I am working on getting to know myself more.

These days, in human terms, i am Sophie Navita, mother of two homeschooled boys, wife, not too famous anymore of a TV personality and okay with it. Still singing and acting and hosting ONLY in jobs I CHOOSE. Jobs that resonate with my body and make me feel honest, warm and fuzzy inside. I teach healthfood classes and my classes are always full. I teach rawfood retreats. I write ebooks filled with my recipes with my good friend Paul Risse from USA and this is another story I will tell should the occasion arise. I am a chef who caters small private raw vegan dinners. And if you must know, as I type this, I am in the process of arranging my next trip to Singapore to live there a bit– my hometown, where I was born– because I will be working in a TV production based in Singapore, yaayy!

And so you see? Just like that, it’s so easy for me to fall back again into buiding identities/ labels.

So let me rephrase that.

I am Sophie Navita. And i am learning to enjoy my life. I SLOW DOWN and stop to smell the roses ( well, this is a figure of speech. There are NO roses or trees in Chokekarta unless you grow your own or live in a florist’s store haha) . These days i drink more water. I regulate my breathing each morning and try to stay in that tempo the whole day to remain calm and gathered and grounded amd connected to myself. I do yoga as a practice of being still and enjoying each pose. I do pilates when i miss it. I sing with all my heart and dance like nobody’s watching. I love coconut oil on my skin and eat my homemade chocolates ( oh please buy my chocolate ebook i released with Paul Risse hahaaha. It’s super easy to make chocolate and chocolatey foods, really! Try! If you have paypal go to http://www.cleanseamerica.com — kalau mau transf bank email aja ke paulsophie.toi2@gmail.com dan nanti akan dikirimi link ebook oleh Admin– okay enough book promo– haha!)

I give out hugs like nobody’s business. I smile more even to strangers, even though they might think I am flirting, i don’t care.

I fall in love with life all over again when the rain pours โค๏ธ

I stop to gaze at skies by day and stars by night ( although this is easier done in Bali, since Jakarta is always in a haze, but that’s fine too)

I make sure to balance by visiting the beach and mountains regularly.

I try not to think too much and just do, guided by my heart and led by my womb.

I am Sophie Navita, social NOTworker and life enjoyer who sometimes still gets annoyed when people here in Indonesia tend to call me anything but SOPHIE. It’s always a “Novi” or “poppy” or “Sherley” even.. Gosh! Haha. “Selvy” too sometimes. I try not to get upset and just accept that this is not happening to me but AROUND me. People are ignorant and so let them be. They have they’re own S*%T to sort out. Haha..

I am Sophie Navita, child of the Universe hoping you enjoyed my little story.

Until the next blog writing, take care of YOURSELF.. Okay?

I think i want to do a VLOG next! ( ok Soph, seriously, stop it! Haha)

Love you..


Daughter of a KING.